Vadas Educational Consulting

Vadas Educational Consulting, based in Temecula, California, is an individual proprietorship developed by Professor Paul Vadas with the explicit mission of providing its clients with efficient, high quality services in Higher Education, such as international events, exchange programs, course development, international accreditation and certifications.


I have known Paulo Vinicius for about four years now. When I met him, I needed some work done for the Los Angeles University School of Management and was referred to him by a mutual friend.

Paulo has not only proven himself to be very competent at what he does, but he is also a trustworthy, reliable, and quality minded professional. Conscientious and responsible, his character is beyond reproach. I recommend him without any reservations. I consider him more than for his work alone. I consider him a valued friend.

Paul Vadas
CEO, Vadas Educational Consulting

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Vadas Educational Consulting

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