Clampett Studio Collections

Founded and owned by the daughter of the legendary animation director and one of the creators of the Looney Tunes, Bob Clampett, Clampett Studio Collections is the publisher of the Warner Bros. fine art program. The website brings out the best in animation from Warner Bros, DC Comics, Hanna-Barbera/MGM, Harry Potter and Beany and Cecil.

The new website captures the look and feel of the golden years of animation, with vintage, sleek visuals. It’s also responsive, so you are sure to enjoy a seamless experience on your smartphone or tablet.


I hired PVDZN for a complete rebuild of my retail website upon the enthusiastic recommendation of one of my best vendors and I’m very happy that I did. This was a very complicated project: a retail site with hundreds of SKUs in various categories, many of them overlapping, within a site that needed to be user friendly.

Because we are in the art business the design had to be very creative, clean and contemporary. We also wanted to add many articles and historical information to lead a broader range of people to the site. On top of that we’ve included a blog, sections to watch cartoons, and a rotating format of moving art on the home page. It truly couldn’t get much more complicated but Paulo handled each design or technical issue in a calm, organized manner until we got the site just how we wanted it. He was a pleasure to work with.

The end result is a spectacular site that I’m proud of. I am confident that it is going to generate a lot of interest and new business. Thank you Paulo for your terrific work. It’s been a pleasure dealing with you.

Ruth Clampett
Founder and Creative Director, Clampett Studio, Warner Bros. Gallery Program

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Clampett Studio Collections

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