Brazil California Chamber of Commerce

The Brazil California Chamber of Commerce is a solid network of professionals experienced with both American and Brazilian markets. It’s a great place to expand your network with business-minded people.

We worked closely with the PR team and the president to deliver a completely redesigned experience to this website. The result is a completely result oriented product, a true bilingual website that gives managers the ability to create specific content for any area, be it in English or Portuguese. Users can also choose between both languages seamlessly.


BCCC’s new website is aligned with our strategic vision for growth and expansion over the next years. Our main goal in launching it is to provide our members and prospects an easier way to learn about BCCC and its services. We also wish to establish this portal as a source of information and valuable resources for those who have any interest in doing business in Brazil and with the Brazilian business community in Los Angeles. PVDZN did such a great job and we’re very excited for phase II development, to make sure the new website continues to provide a fresh site experience.

Rita Menezes
Public Relations and Communications at Brazil California Chamber of Commerce


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We did:
  • Responsive Website design
  • Website development
  • Bilingual Feature Implementation
  • Evolutive Updates