Aline Gomes Jewelry Design

Brazilian fashion designer Aline Gomes brings to Los Angeles the beauty of natural materials and shows how they can be crafted into luxury jewelry. It focuses on bold, unique designs highlighting Brazilian culture and fashion. Aline’s new collections seek to identify with all tastes and ages, while remaining true to the origin of their products.

Working with natural Brazilian seeds, wood, stone, leather and metal, Aline is creating what the American woman loves to wear but with a Brazilian flair. All seeds and materials are imported from Brazil and each piece showcases the culture and local trends that have made Brazilian fashion a new and exciting expression being embraced the world over.


You did an amazing job with my web site Paulo. I’m VERY happy and you know me and how picky I am!!!!! Thank you!!!!! Well done!

Aline Gomes
Aline Gomes Jewelry Design

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Aline Gomes Jewelry Design

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